Code of Conduct

Members of the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) undertake to:

  • Abide by the terms of the AVA Customer Charter
  • Maintain service and operating standards, as per the AVA Quality system
  • Train all staff to observe the highest standards of safety and hygiene, according to statutory requirements and AVA Codes
  • Give customers clear and full advice on their equipment, service and payment options
  • Advise customers to read ‘Explaining Vending’ before signing contracts
  • Use clearly detailed lease, maintenance, operating and service contracts
  • Advise customers of the AVA disputes procedure or mediation scheme to resolve any inconsistencies
  • Ensure that the capital value (including instillation), when new equipment is leased, is fair and reasonable having regard to market values and to enhancements and other facilities, services and items which the customer has been made aware
  • Reflect the reasonable value and useful life of equipment (which is not new on lease) in the price and lease plan
  • When the client prefers a cup plan incorporating the cost of equipment, maintenance, service, ingredients and operating charges in one cost per cup, the following applies:
    • Up-front payment from the lease only covers equipment cost
    • Technical service, ingredients and operating elements will be collected monthly or quarterly by the lease company, and paid to the Operator in equal instalments over the term of the agreement
    • When calculating the cup charge, the average vend figure must be taken from known figures on-site or from estimated industry averages
    • Price reviews only apply to the ingredient and service elements of the agreed charges – the equipment charge will remain fixed for the full term of the agreement
  • Not engage in any form of activity that the AVA board of management considers to bring vending into disrepute, or harm the public image of the industry
  • Avoid involvement in lawsuits as a means of resolving contract disputes, before using the AVA Disputes Procedure or Mediation Scheme
  • Supply information of statistical or advisory nature as reasonably required by the AVA, which will be treated in confidence and not used to the detriment of individual interests
  • Advise the AVA immediately upon completion of any business sale, merger or acquisition
  • Support the AVA initiatives on waste minimisation and recycling
  • Advise and encourage those in the industry to act in accordance with the AVA Code of Conduct and become AVA members


If you wish to provide feedback about the service provided by your AVA member service provider, send an email to