Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips from members

These are just some of the suggestions that have been implemented by some of our members recently:

  1. Been asked to stop visiting machines on site for 8 weeks – Of course: we will extend your current contract by 2 months to cover the gap
  2. Fit as many cashless payment devices as you can. At least that way you will still have money coming in even if you can’t get on site all the time.
  3. We can offer out of hours machine filling and service for those still on site.
  4. Often team members can’t be released for training. This may be an ideal opportunity.
  5. In times of reduced cashflow it may be necessary to lay off staff but do try to hold on to as many as you can afford. When times change, taking on completely new staff can be costly in terms of recruiting & training.
  6. How about: If you have sites which are closing and therefore you may have to empty snack and bottle machines. No one is sure of the length of the ‘lockdown’ so some of the product may go out of date. So, why not donate them to a local foodbank? It won’t put money into your bank account, but it may help someone else.

Please remember that all AVA Staff are on hand to help the Vending Industry as and when required. You can use the details below to contact us.

Telephone: +44 (0) 3300 883 267

David Llewellyn
Chief Executive

Steve Collins
Membership Services Manager

Penny Rowell
Accounts Controller