AVA Christmas Luncheon 5th December 2019

8 Northumberland Avenue


8 Northumberland Avenue is renowned for its mix of beautiful Victorian interior and inspiring use of event technologies. The marble walls are 15 different types of Italian marble including large amounts of Onyx dating from 1887, including the ultra-rare Belgian Black. These vintage touches were stylishly offset by Perspex furniture and oversized artwork by Johan Anderson and Donnagh McKenna. All this embodies Charles’ belief that high-quality buildings, art and technology go together beautifully.


The AVA would like to invite you to step inside the Ice Palace…

For years there have been whispers and murmurs of a palace within the snow. A place of unequivocal grandeur, the most exclusive place in the land. For those who have journeyed far and wide, it’s everything the stories were filled with and more. Through the magnificent, towering gates is the only way to arrive.


At the Ice Palace, there will be entertainment, free drinks and of course, a chance to network.


And let’s not forget the After Party…

This year, we would like to welcome you for a drink and a jive at London’s Zoo Bar. Exactly a 6 minute walk away from the Ice Palace, it is impossible to get lost. So join us for a FREE drink (see Kennedy for this at the door, bribes welcome) and make sure you have your dancing shoes on.


Leicester Square, 13-17 Bear St, Charing Cross, London WC2H 7AQ


Ticket Prices: £139.00 +VAT


To book, please contact Kennedy at kennedy.procter@the-ava.com