The New £1 Coin

Posted on: 01-08-2016

While we understand the Royal Mint and The Treasury’s position in wanting to protect the integrity of the UK currency and reduce the level of fake coins in operation throughout the UK, it is regrettable that the upgrades required to vending machines to accommodate the new £1 coin will incur considerable costs for our operator…

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£5 and £10 notes

Posted on:

The Royal Mail has announced it will introduce new £5 and £10 polymer (plastic) bank notes to improve the security and quality of UK bank notes. The £5 note will be introduced in September 2016 and the £10 note will follow in 2017. While the vending industry supports the need to reduce counterfeit currency and…

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Vending machines in hospitals/ schools

Posted on: 03-07-2016

We believe that heavily regulating or banning vending will not change the public’s eating habits, it will simply move the point of purchase to the retail outlets that are still in operation. Vending offers a 24/7, secure, unattended retail option for establishments that operate around the clock such as NHS hospitals – providing an essential…

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