AVA Live On the Road

RBC Group
Unit 3, Old Dlby Business Park
Old Dalby
LE14 3NJ


RBC Group have kindly offered to host our next meeting at their Old Dalby offices. A great opportunity to find out what services they offer (contact details below).

Also on the Agenda:

  • Scotland and Wales want to introduce a 25p cup levy. Is England next? What action can you take?
  • The Deposit Return Scheme will add 20p to the vend price of a bottle. What are the Defra proposals for England, Wales and N.Ireland? What will the DRS for Scotland look like?
  • What other legislation does the Government have in store for us (beside Brexit!) and what steps you can take to stop/delay or offset the impact.
  • The Department for Health & Social Care has proposed a ban on sales of Energy Drinks – only though vending machines – in the effort to restrict sales to under 16’s. What will be the impact on your business?

Find out more by coming along!


Let Kennedy know you’re interested and drop her an email to find out more: kennedy.procter@the-ava.com