About the AVA

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) is the trade body of the vending industry in the UK.

The role of the AVA is to:

  • Promote, protect and enhance the vending industry
  • Support and advise our members
  • Lobby on our members’ behalf
  • Provide a competitive edge for our industry
  • Seek opportunities for expansion and growth
  • Create conditions for cost-effective, efficient and reliable retailing
  • Offer a comprehensive source of information

Our objectives are to:

  • Be the credible heart and official voice of the vending industry
  • Create an industry that is recognised as progressive
  • Generate and maintain the positive image of vending
  • Reinforce the benefits of advances made to vendors and consumers
  • Build a community of mutual interest by:
    • Engaging fully with members and users
    • Reaching out to the wider community