Joining the AVA

Join the organisation and we promise to:

  • Protect, advise and support you
  • Lobby on your behalf
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Introduce you to best industry practice
  • Help you with your choice of vending partner
  • Offer you technical advice
  • Give you access to news, data, stats and support.

If you are a supplier, AVA membership and its quality accreditation will boost your credentials, and inevitably your business, because it:

  • Confers valuable status
  • Recognises your commitment to quality
  • Is often a mandatory pre-requisite to submitting a tender.

Accreditation requires you to abide by two sets of declarations: the AVA Code of Conduct and the AVA Customer Charter.

To find out more about the indispensable benefits of AVA membership and how we can help you survive and prosper, please visit our ‘Membership Benefits’ tab.


Joining Is Simple:

  • Simply complete the application form which you will find on the tab in this section and return it to the AVA office along with the subscription and joining fees. For more information on the fees, please contact the office
  • Your application is then reviewed by the Chief Executive and Board of the AVA
  • A series of financial checks are made and Members will be informed of your application and given 30 days to consider the application
  • Providing we receive no objections and providing we are satisfied following the financial checks, your company becomes a probationary member and the process of gaining AVA Quality Accreditation begins
  • As soon as your company has gained AVA Quality Accreditation, you become a full member with Board approval

For more information, call the AVA on +44 (0) 3300 883 267