AVA Consultations – Have your say!

At the end of 2018 HM Government published “Our waste, our resources: A strategy for England”: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/resources-and-waste-strategy-for-england

This was followed up by consultation documents issued by Defra and HM Treasury. The AVA Environment committee headed by Adrian Pratt and Mike Saltmarsh has been preparing our response to these consultations. To present our view on the potential impact for the UK Vending industry.

This is where you can get involved!

Here are links to the first drafts:
This is so that you can read and review them – and make suggestions where you feel alterations or additions should be made.

Any amendments or comments must be back to Kennedy or David by Thursday 9th May

Don’t forget that you can use these documents to make your own submissions. You can simply copy and paste or amend to reflect your own views. These must be submitted by 13th May, 2019.

You can submit your own views here: