AVA’s Midlands Regional Meeting Takes A Sweeter Route

The 2018 Midlands regional meeting left all of us with a sweet taste in our mouth, as it took place at ‘the home of Cadbury’. The new style format meeting on the 10th of May was gratefully hosted at the Mondelez offices and consisted of a tour through Cadburys world history and creation, followed by AVA speakers.

David Llewellyn, AVA Chief Executive, states that the AVA aim to do more and be more connected to their members to ensure that they are getting the most out of the membership.

Adrian Pratt, Vice Chairman of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG) and Chair of the AVA Cup Committee, gives crucial insight over the most talked about topics of vending. He covered the impact of the potential ‘latte levy’; the increase in the UK recycling abilities as more and more recovery/collection points are added weekly and are becoming more accessible; and the debate over compostable packing as he states that “recent study shows that recycles cups have a better environmental performance compared to composting”. Understanding these issues and barriers is fundamental for the future of vending, as they will result in changes.

Overall it was a fantastic and filling day so don’t miss out on the next regional meeting as were sure its not one to miss!