The AVA Board has 3 Vacancies…

The opportunity has arisen to join the AVA Board as 3 positions are due for election;

  • Vending Operator Representative
  •  Machines & Components Representative
  • Commodities Representative

Should the company you represent be a full member of the AVA, there is now the opportunity for you to apply for a position on the AVA Board should you wish. The Board meets four times a year and helps to shape and guide the workings of the AVA to ensure that member interests are best served.

If you wish to apply for a position, please email the attached ‘2018 AVA Nominations Form’, a 250 word brief (On your background and what you would bring to the role) and a head and shoulder photo of yourself to . The closing date for applications is 1st of June 2018. If more than one person puts their name forward, we would carry out a members’ vote to decide which applicant joins the Board.

Any questions do let us know.