Welsh Government Consultation: Beyond Recycling – AVA Response

Welsh Government Consultation: Beyond Recycling:  

The consultation covers eight areas, including: recycling, clean technology, increased use of recycled content and an intent to “phase out single use plastic”.  It can be read in full here: Beyond Recycling). Its declared aim is to “accelerate our journey towards a circular economy”. Laudable, but some of the proposals would have a significant impact on packaging use generally and vending specifically. Especially paving the way to the banning of single use beverage cups in certain outlets or an imposition of cup charges.

The proposals takes an approach which makes broad assumptions about packaging and plastic which demonises ‘single use beverage containers’ and proposes banning their use or imposition of levies and/or charges. As has been shown during the current pandemic, single use – with structured collection and recycling – is a more safe and hygienic option. Beyond Recycling

AVA Response:

The AVA Environment Committee put together a response which was submitted in time for the deferred deadline of Friday 24th April .

You can read it here.