AVA VAT Reduction Notice

You will have hopefully seen our recent Newsletter about the AVA gaining agreement that Vending is included in the VAT reduction. As mentioned, with other AVA members, we have also been seeking further clarification on which products are included in this reduction.

Thankfully, one AVA member has received a specific ruling from an HMRC Technician which they are prepared to share!

The good news is that all refreshment vending product ranges are covered: Hot & Cold Drinks, Confectionery, Snacks and Food – if they are consumed within a ‘Canteen Area’. Not just Hot & Cold Drinks and Food as we were originally told.

The agreement refers to the 2007 ruling about VAT and Zero rated product which you probably already allow for within your business. All the relevant reference documents can be found on the AVA website here

All in all – this will no doubt be a logistical challenge for many of you, but rewarding in the long run.

As always we must emphasise – this is merely guidance. You must refer to your own accountants / financial advisors on how this applies to your company and financial reporting.