Why Choose an AVA Member?

The AVA logo is a mark of quality and assurance for all our members’ customers, as we are dedicated in providing guidance, training, and regular audits to ensure that our members maintain a high service fit for clients and their customers.


The AVA is fully committed to quality. All full members of the AVA must hold the AVA Quality System accreditation.

The Quality System enables members to demonstrate:

  • Their services have set standards that are recognised and controlled
  • Conformity to customers’ standards
  • Compliance with regulatory controls.
  • Visit the full QA page here


  • AVA Members sign up to maintain their Client Services to a strict Customer Charter and agree to comply with the AVA Code of Conduct. Each of which are regularly reviewed and audited. 


  • The AVA and its membership are at the forefront or environmental and recycling legislation. Working closely with Government and NGOs to ensure that processes, plans and procedures are kept up to date with new technology and legal requirements.
  • AVA members work closely with clients to ensure that all dietary and healthy eating needs are satisfied. Offering a wide range of compliant products to satisfy CQUIN, NHS, Healthy Living (Scotland) and Government Buying Standards requirements.


Both Members and their Clients can make use of support services with the AVA ensuring that problems or queries can be quickly resolved.

Members must resolve and disputes through the AVA mediation scheme.

All members must abide by the terms of the AVA Customer Charter and maintain service and operating standards, as per the AVA Quality system

Every AVA member is bound to these requirements, making up our AVA Code of Conduct, and are advised to encourage others in the industry to act in accordance with this code to ensure consistent quality and covert new members.