March 2024: Scotland’s Circular Economy and Waste - A Route Map to 2030

The aim of this legislation is the delivery of the Circular Economy and Waste Route Map. It is designed to drive progress on three key fronts:

  1. Setting the strategic direction and laying foundations for how we will deliver our system-wide, comprehensive vision for Scotland’s circular economy from now to 2030 – based on Responsible Production, Responsible Consumption, and Maximising Value from Waste and Energy.
  2. Setting out priority actions from now to 2030 to accelerate more sustainable use of our resources across the waste hierarchy. We acknowledge the progress we have made against our existing 2025 waste reduction and recycling targets, the areas we have fallen short, and the lessons we can learn as we set out the framework for what comes next .
  3. Reducing emissions associated with resources and waste. In 2024, the Scottish Government will set out how it will continue to drive down emissions in a draft Climate Change Plan (CCP)9. The Route Map sets out the opportunities we will take to decarbonise the waste sector.

The consultation documents can be found here:,progress%20across%20the%20waste%20hierarchy.

AVA Response:

The AVA Response is primarily aimed at challenging the proposal for a single use paper cup levy at point of purchase:

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